Thursday, 14 November 2013


Year 6 have being studing microorganisms this half term, can you share your answers using as much scientific vocabualry as possible? Can you think what question 8 might have been?

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Angle Geometry!

Year 5 really impressed me with their superb knowledge on angles! Can you work out these unknown angles using your knowledge of different angles rules? (Don't forget to include great mathematical vocabulary in your explanation such as 'angles on a line', 'angles in a triangle'!)

Friday, 8 November 2013

Tree Diagrams

1.       A hat contains 8 purple and 2 green discs. Two discs are selected, without replacement, from the hat.


(a)    Draw a tree diagram to represent this situation.









(b)    Determine the probability that

(i) they are both green





(ii) the first is purple and the second is green






(iii) they are identical in colour

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Direct and reported speech!

Direct to Reported Speech.


We can report what somebody says without needing to use speech marks. For example,


“I want to be a hero!” announced Ruskin.




Ruskin announced that he wanted to be a hero.


Notice these things:

1.     You have to write reported speech in the past tense.

2.     The word that is important.


“I like your tie!” commented Hamza.

Hamza commented that he liked my tie.


Now change these;


1.     “This work is easy!” exclaimed Zia.

2.     “I want to go home,” pleaded Mr Staiger.

3.     “It’s playtime,” announced Ms Foley.

4.     “I know the answered,” Samantha whispered to Alisha.

5.     “I want children to work hard,” demanded the strict teacher.

6.     “I’m too tired to carry on,” complained Arsalan.

Can you for homework complete the 6 conversions and also tell me why a certain phrase is highlighted in RED.